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We offer SAT Test Prep services in Fullerton, and the surrounding cities in North Orange County.


AIM Enterprises LLC has been around since 2012, and we are the fastest growing tutoring company in Orange County. 


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SAT Test Preparation / Our Philosophy

Many organizations offer SAT Test Preparation.  Drive down any street and you will see all kinds of academies ready to help your child prepare for SAT testing.  Often times these organizations are administering the program in a classroom type setting.  Why spend the money to have your child get a small percentage of the teachers time.  At AIM we provide one on one instruction.  By administering continuous practice exams we are able to identify the various areas your child is struggling in.  With this information, we begin focusing on these areas specifically to get them up to speed with that particular subject matter.  The repetition of the exams, and the targeted teaching provides the student the tools to be successful.  At the end of the process your child will have increased his or her score substantially compared to their first exam, giving them the confidence they need to succeed and attain a noteworthy score.