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We offer private tutoring services in Fullerton, and the surrounding cities in North Orange County.


AIM Enterprises LLC has been around since 2012, and we are the fastest growing private tutoring company in Orange County. 

FAQ About Services

1. Do you do background checks on your instructors?

Answer: Yes, all instructors are required to undergo a background check.

2. Do you offer different levels of service in relation to price?

Answer: Yes, the lowest cost programs are for regular classes.  We do charge more for AP/IB level material as well as SAT Test Preparation.

3. Do you offer payment by credit card?

Answer: Yes, you can pay by credit card directly through our website.

4. Do you have a way we can check up on the progress our child is making other than communication with our instructor?

Answer: We offer every student and parent a login account to access real time updates on their progress. 

5. Do you call to confirm the appointment time a day before the lesson?

Answer: We use e-mail to inform not only the parent of the session but also the instructor which is setup as requested by the parent. You can also access the schedule from the website if you have a question about the session time.

6. How is your invoicing handled and do you send reminders?

Answer: We prefer to e-mail the invoice to the parents so we do not generate excess waste. This paperless process is our way of being green.  If you require a printed copy we can always mail a copy.

7. Do you administer placement tests?

Answer: Yes, we administer the tests based on the needs of the student. Usually these scenarios call for a custom instruction plan to get the results and meet your expectations.

8. Can we switch instructors if we are not happy with our child's progress?

Answer: Yes. We like you to allow some time for the process to work.  However, if you do not feel comfortable with the progress, then you may request a change of instructors for your child. The time it takes is dependent on the availability of other instructors.Type your paragraph here.

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